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Creatine Mix CREndurance Active7 – More Training With Less Effort




🥇 Strength & Power Improvement
🥇 More training with less effort
🥇 Lean muscle Mass Increase
🥇 No water retention
🥇 Endurance in maximum resistance
🥇 Endurance in maximum Sprints
🥇 Endurance in High Jumps
🥇 More sets and repetitions
🥇 Shorter stops between sets without losing Strength
🥇 Instant Strength Recovery (football half-time, gym sets etc)


CREndurance active 7 Creatine Mix

More training with less effort

Strength and Conditioning Nutrition UK, dedicated to it’s mission, delivers for once again a specialised product for demanding pro athletes who are seeking to maximize their performance, add a 10-12% to their training but with no effort at all.

CREndurance, is a formula combining 7 highly effective ingredients, all working together to support the athlete and provide a huge sport advantage.

5 types of creatine so the athlete takes all the creatine benefits together with the benefits of the creatine bonded substances.

Superior Creatine Mix:

CREndurance includes the most effective and strong creatine types at the proper concentration and ratios, all combined with Beta Alanine and Calcium Pyruvate, for huge endurance, power and intensity increase.


CREndurance active 7 Creatine Mix Benefits:

🥇 Strength & Power Improvement
🥇 More training with less effort
🥇 Lean muscle Mass Increase
🥇 No water retention
🥇 Endurance in maximum resistance
🥇 Endurance in maximum Sprints
🥇 Endurance in High Jumps
🥇 More sets and repetitions
🥇 Shorter stops between sets without losing Strength
🥇 Instant Strength Recovery (football half-time, gym sets etc)


What’s inside CREndurance Active7 Creatine Mix:


Beta alanine

Athletic Performance and Strength

Beta-alanine improves athletic performance by reducing fatigue, increasing endurance and boosting performance in high-intensity exercises.

Increases Time to Exhaustion

Studies show that beta-alanine helps increase your time to exhaustion (TTE).

In other words, it helps you exercise for longer periods at a time. A study in cyclists found that four weeks of supplements increased total work completed by 13%, increasing an additional 3.2% after 10 weeks 

Similarly, 20 men on a comparable cycling test increased their time to exhaustion by 13–14% after four weeks of beta-alanine supplements

A super powerful ingredient which has become one of the most favourite supplements for all athletes the last years.

It helps athletes train harder (more intensity) and longer (endurance)


  • Improves explosive muscular strength and power output.
  • Maximizes energy production
  • Delays Muscle Fatigue
  • Stabilizes PH levels during training
  • Improves muscular anaerobic endurance.
  • Increases aerobic endurance.
  • Increases exercise capacity so you can train harder and longer.
  • Increases Muscle Mass

Calcium Pyruvate

Athletes, in particular, find Calcium Pyruvate beneficial because of its ability to help build muscle, provide sustained energy, and helps fight fatigue.

Calcium pyruvate is said to promote energy production by boosting fat breakdown in the body. Pyruvate is involved in the metabolic cycle to produce energy in your body, so theoretically it makes sense that taking it as a supplement could increase the amount of energy your body produces.

Also, the amount of the fat burn you experience is quite remarkable.

Calcium Pyruvate Benefits:

  • Provides energy via Krebs Cycle
  • Contributes in Important metabolic reactions:
    • Glucose  ⇔  Alanine cycle
    • pyruvate  ⇒  AcetylCoA
    • Pyruvate  ⇒  Oxaloacetate
    • Pyruvate  ⇔   Lactate
  • Improves Athletic Endurance
  • Spares Glycogen Storages
  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Supports Lean Muscle Increase
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Provides Sustained Energy


Creatine Information:

Creatine is thought to improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, and help the muscles recover more quickly during exercise. This muscular boost may help athletes achieve bursts of speed and energy, especially during short bouts of high-intensity activities such as weight lifting or sprinting.


Benefits of Creatine Supplementation:

  • Helps muscle cells produce more energy
  • Improves high-intensity exercise performance

    Creatine’s direct role in ATP production means it can drastically improve high-intensity exercise performance

    Creatine improves numerous factors, including:

    • strength
    • ballistic power
    • sprint ability
    • muscle endurance
    • resistance to fatigue
    • muscle mass
    • recovery
    • brain performance

    Unlike supplements that only affect advanced athletes, creatine benefits you regardless of your fitness level

  • Speeds muscle growth
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness

Creatine Tri-Malate – Pure Endurance

Tri-creatine malate also accelerates production of adenosine triphosphate, which assists muscle growth and in muscle contraction. When adenosine triphosphate levels are increased, the muscle system responds by working harder.

  • Tri-creatine malate is a combination of creatine and malic acid.
  • Although both creatine and malic acid are natural substances, because they don’t exist in nature as a compound, tri-creatine malate is considered synthetic.
  • Tri-creatine malate allows the body to absorb more creatine while eliminating some of the bloat usually associated with taking creatine.

Malic acid is also used to boost sports performance when taken in supplement form. It is sometimes combined with creatine supplements in order to improve the body’s absorption of creatine. Proponents claim that malic acid can promote energy production, increase exercise endurance, and help fight off muscle fatigue.

For a study published in Acta Physiologica Hungarica in 2015, researchers investigated the effectiveness of a creatine-malate supplement in sprinters and long-distance runners.

After six weeks of supplementation combined with physical training, there was a significant increase in the physical performance in sprinters, measured by peak power, total work, body composition, and elevated growth hormone levels. In long-distance runners, there was a significant increase in distance covered

Creatine Citrate – The “Krebs Cycle” Creatine

This type of creatine is bonded with citric acid.

Creatine generally is used by the body to produce energy.

Citric Acid is an intermediate in the Krebs Cycle, and technically crucial for cellular functioning and energy production.

Citric acid is a compound that, in the body, is created for production of cellular energy via the TCA cycle.

Supplementation with it has shown to increase energy levels as enough is made by the body

Creatine Nitrate – Explosive Endurance

Creatine Nitrate Overview
  • Increased muscle pumps.
  • Increased strength and lean muscle mass.
  • Enhanced exercise performance.
  • Increased power output and velocity.
  • Increased high intensity exercise performance
  • Improved cardiovascular performance
  • Improved power output (for high-intensity workouts)
  • Enhanced oxygen flow



Nitrates are a naturally occurring compound found in food sources like spinach, beets, and arugula. When dietary nitrates are consumed, they get reduced to nitric oxide in the body, which acts as a vasodilator in the body meaning that it widens blood vessels which can help make it easier for blood to flow. Nitrates are popular supplements among athletes looking to improve performance. Some of the proposed mechanisms that nitrates work through include increased oxygen transport and uptake in the muscles.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of 72 studies on the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on endurance performance found nitrate supplementation beneficial for improved power output, time to exhaustion, and distance traveled.

A systematic review of 19 studies on the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on human muscle power found nitrate supplementation beneficial for increasing maximal muscle power



The 2-in-1 compound NO3-T Creatine Nitrate is a patented blend of creatine mixed with nitrates. When this ingredient is ingested, it splits into creatine and nitrate in the body and each ingredient gets absorbed separately. One study showed that supplementation of creatine nitrate for 28 days was safe

In two different studies scientists had groups supplement with different doses of creatine nitrate and measured their performance. The researchers noted improvements in bench press lifting volume, peak power, average power, and average velocity.

In other words, creatine nitrate supplementation helped athletes perform more work, lift with more power, and lift with more speed.

Explosive performance!

Creatine HCL – 3800% more soluble

This creatine bonded to Hydrochloride parts, is the highest soluble creatine of all.

By a score of 3800% higher solubility than creatine monohydrate, Creatine Hydrochloride is the best micro-dosing creatine, as it gives great benefits even in a dosages under 1g.

It is the most absorbed creatine form by any other creatine and it the fastest acting one.

Creapure® – THE Creatine

Quality, purity and safety with Creapure®

Creapure® is the brand name for pure creatine monohydrate produced by AlzChem Trostberg GmbH in Germany. We guarantee high-quality products, such as Creapure®, which is exclusively produced at our specially-designed production facility in Trostberg.

Creapure® is the most widely studied form of creatine and is proven to be safe and effective. When purchasing Creapure® supplements, you can be assured that you are using one of the best and most reliable products on the market.

Creapure® is vegan and exclusively manufactured by chemical synthesis. Raw materials and intermediates are not derived from animal or herbal products resulting in no traces that may have originated from animal or herbal byproducts.

The production of Creapure® is IFS FOOD certified, a quality standard recognized by the “Global Food Safety Initiative”

In addition, Creapure® is produced in compliance with Jewish and Muslim food regulations – and is both Kosher and Halal certified.

Creatine – the body’s own dietary supplement

Creatine, which occurs naturally in the body, plays a crucial role in the body’s energy metabolism. If energy is needed, ATP (adenosine triphosphate = energy currency of the cell) is converted to ADP (adenosine diphosphate). Eventually, the body turns ADP back into ATP using energy derived from food, but this takes time, and muscle cells can store only enough ATP to allow a few seconds of high-intensity work. Therefore, creatine supplementation is substantial to ensure high levels of phosphocreatine.

Everybody needs creatine every day

Adults have around 80–130 g of creatine in their bodies. Every day about 1–2 % of this creatine is broken down and excreted, so it has to be replenished. The human body naturally produces some creatine. Intake of significant amounts of creatine from food is only possible by eating meat and meat products. However, cooking and food preparation can result in creatine loss in food. Given your daily requirement of creatine, consumption of meat and synthesis of creatine by your own body may only provide maintenance levels of creatine. The body’s need for creatine to maximize your creatine levels may be significantly greater and that is why a Creapure® creatine supplement may be right for you.

Who benefits?

Creatine isn’t just for Bodybuilders and Fitness Athletes. It is the perfect supplement for all sports that require repeated bursts of maximum power – such as Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Swimming, Track and Field, and many more. To consistently perform at your highest level, you need a sufficient amount of creatine in your body.

As we age, we can also benefit from taking Creapure®. In combination with moderate resistance training, Creapure® helps to stop the age related loss of muscle mass, strength and improves mental activity.

Did you know several scientific studies indicate that creatine has even more beneficial effects, which have been shown in the following categories: Brain function, sleep (better quality of sleep and decreased sleep demand), antioxidative property, bone health.

Vegetarians and Vegans show lower muscle creatine stores compared to people who eat meat


Nutritional Table:

Ingredient Per Serving (7,1g) Per 2 servings (14,2g)
Beta Alanine 2000mg 4000mg
Creatine Tri-Malate 1050mg 2100mg
Calcium Pyruvate 1000mg 2000mg
Creapure® 750mg 1500mg
Creatine Citrate 750mg 1500mg
Creatine Nitrate 500mg 1000mg
Creatine HCL 500mg 1000mg


Nutritional Values Per 100g Per 7,1g Per 14,2g
Energy 359kcal/1502kJ 26kcal/108kJ 52kcal/216kJ
Protein 0 0 0
Carbohydrates 4 0.3 0.6
From which sugars 0 0 0
Fat 0 0 0


Product Information:

213 capsules | 15/30 training days supply | Green Apple Flavour


Use Directions:

Serving: Mix one scoop of powder (7,1g) to 120ml of water

Endurance Sports Athletes: Consume 1 serving (7,1g/120ml) 20 minutes before warm-up

Strength Sport Athletes: Consume 1 serving (7,1g/120ml) 1 hour before training and 1 serving (7,1g/120ml) 15 minutes before training

Lean Mass Increase: Consume 1 serving (7,1g/120ml) 1 hour before training and 1 serving (7,1g/120ml) at the start of training (during the first 15-20 minutes of training)


Highest Bioavailability Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients:

Ingredients: Beta alanine, Creatine Tri-malate, Creatine Pyruvate, Creapure® (Creatine Monohydrate), Creatine Citrate, Creatine Nitrate, Creatine Hydrochloride, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Green Apple Flavour (maltodextrin, sucralose, Tartrazine (E102, E133)) Malic Acid, Silicon Dioxide.


Warnings: Food supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed stated recommended dose. Keep out of reach of young children. Consult a physician if you are pregnant or lactating. Discontinue use if you experience any allergy. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.


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