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Amino Acids, endurance salts, electrolytes formula – ENDURANCE BCAA’s 6:1:1



Endurance i-Bcaa’s 6:1:1

The must have multi-formula for every athlete.

Faster Recovery

More Energy

Longer Endurance

Higher Intensity

Proper Hydration

Αnti-catabolic & Anti-fatigue 


Endurance i-BCAA

The must-have formula for each athlete.
What is Endurance i-BCAA:
Our unique formula is a multi-product containing pharmaceutical grade instantized BCAA’s, ergogenic salts, electrolytes, HMB, Inositol, Ornithine, Aspartic Acid, Vitamin B6 and 3 types of carbohydrates.
Why is this formula different:
On the market, due to the high price of quality BCAA powder, most brands use cheap chinese slow or low absorption bcaa forms.
Our formula, contains Ajupure amino acids, the highest quality amino acids, with optimum absorption, very high efficacy, and real results.
A true anti-catabolic ally who not only will reduce yoir muscle tissue damage during hard and long training, but also keep you well hydrated, re-fuel your glucose and improve your endurance and performance.
Our complete amino acid (BCAA’s) sport formula, combined with electrolytes, endurance salts, anticatabolic ingredients and permormance enhancing ingredients, is a must-have formula for every athlete.
Improve your performance and endurance, stay hydrated, reduce muscle tissue waste…and all these with 1 single top quality formula.
Endurance BCAA’s nutrition table image by S-C-Nutrition.

Endurance i-Bcaa’s 6:1:1 – The must have multi-formula for every athlete.

Faster Recovery | More Energy | Longer Endurance | Higher Intensity | Proper Hydration | Αnti-catabolic & Anti-fatigue 

….is anything more a demanding athlete needs from a super supplement?

We could write too many words for this state of the art supplement…but we will let our product talk by itself.

  • Prevents Muscle Tissue Damage During Training
  • Helps Recover Faster After Hard Training
  • Purest Amino Acid Quality (Plant Fermented = Vegetarian/Vegan)
  • Electrolytes with Phoshporous. Help Your Body Maintain The Proper Hydration
  • Energy Production & Protein Synthesis
  • Increases Testosterone Production during Training
  • Promotes ATP Synthesis For Endurance And Longer Peak Power Output
  • Inositol
    • Very Important Ingredient For Protein Synthesis & Energy Production
  • Ornithine Alpha KetoGlutarate 
    • Gives A Huge Advantage For Long and High Intensity Training
  • Sodium Bicarbonate &  SodiumPhosphateTribasic
    • The Endurance Salts.
    • Transfer Huge Amount Of Oxygen To Your Cells
    • Delay Exhaustion Time, Fatigue & Lactic Acid Synthesis


Ajipure® – The king of Amino Acids

Ajipure from Ajinomoto image by S-C-Nutrition.

We choose Ajipure® from Ajinomoto®, the best and most effective pharmaceutical grade amino acids.

For more than a century, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. has pioneered the development of new and innovative technologies used to manufacture and purify pharmaceutical grade amino acids.

AjiPure® amino acids are fermented using only natural vegetable-based carbohydrates as raw materials.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. never uses raw materials of animal origin in any production process.

AjiPure® amino acids stem from over 100 years of clinical and scientific research, yielding unsurpassed quality and purity.

Industry leading purification processes allow quicker absorption, faster bio-availability, proven consistency and unrivaled efficacy.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. is the global leader in production, sales and research of amino acids used for medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, sport, nutrition and health industries.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc., the maker of AjiPure®, is the #1 supplier of pharmaceutical-grade amino acids worldwide. Thanks to the expertise of more than 1,000 scientists and doctors, combined with more than 100 years of experience in amino acid research and development heritage, Ajinomoto Co., is known internationally as a leader in producing life-sustaining and life-enriching amino acids.

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Muscle Maintenance

L-leucine, like other essential amino acids, helps maintain muscle mass. For this reason, many bodybuilders and athletes take leucine supplements.

Leucine is one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids and sometimes referred to as the ‘main’ amino acid due to the most popular benefit of BCAAs (muscle building) being mostly due to leucine.

Leucine is an activator of the protein known as mTOR, which then induces muscle protein synthesis via S6K; the other two BCAAs may also activate mTOR, but are much weaker than leucine in doing so (and as such, 5g of leucine will be more effective than 5g mixed BCAAs). The leucine metabolite, HMB, is also weaker than leucine at inducing muscle protein synthesis despite being more effective at preserving lean mass from breakdown.

Leucine is a tad different from the other two BCAAs Isoleucine and Valine as leucine seems to have a fair bit of testing on the amino acid in isolation rather than in a BCAA mixture, whereas the other two BCAAs are not as well studied.

The studies assessing leucine mostly look at muscle protein synthesis when additional leucine is added to the diet or to a test meal, and it appears that leucine is able to reliably increase muscle protein synthesis after test meals. Whether this results in more lean mass over a period of time is somewhat less reliable though, and leucine appears to be more effective at promoting gains in muscle in people with lower dietary protein intake and in the elderly (who tend to have impaired muscle protein synthesis in response to the diet).

The interactions of leucine on glucose are not clear. Leucine possesses both blood sugar reducing properties (can release insulin from the pancreas, can directly stimulate glucose uptake into a cell without insulin) but also the opposite (via stimulating S6K, it can inhibit insulin-stimulated glucose uptake). In a cell culture, leucine stimulates glucose uptake for up to 45 minutes and then hinders itself while in living systems acute doses of leucine do not appear to do anything remarkable (some limited evidence that leucine can be rehabilitative in diabetes, but this is preliminary). Isoleucine is a more potent hypoglycemic agent, but to less inhibition of its own actions.

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Inositol is a vitamin-like substance that is produced naturally in the body. Although supplementation is popular, before increasing the amount of inositol in your diet, it is best to understand what it can do.

Inositol is a pseudo-vitamin chemical compound, which was earlier known as vitamin B8 and considered part of the B complex vitamins. However, once it was discovered that our body can make its own inositol, it was no longer considered a true vitamin. Inositol is a sugar alcohol with six hydroxyl groups, and myo-inositol is what this sugar alcohol is converted to in the brain.

Some health conditions cause the body to produce less of this compound, so supplementation is occasionally required. That being said, you can also eat certain foods to increase your levels, such as brown rice, citrus fruits, nuts, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, cereals, soy flour, and whole grain bread. Lecithin granules and other sources of lecithin are also great sources of this vitamin-like substance.

Inositol is found in high concentrations in the brain where it works closely with various neurotransmitters and therefore, is most commonly associated with neural functions. While this is the main aspect of health linked to this chemical, there are many other impressive health benefits you can enjoy by ensuring you have enough of it in your diet.

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The most impressive health benefits of inositol include the following:

  • Treating anxiety disorders
  • Maintaining hormone levels
  • Improving fertility
  • Treating Alzheimer’s
  • Weight loss
  • Boosting circulation
  • Treating diabetes

BIOPERINE logo by S-C-Nutrition.


Makes all other ingredient work better!! This what “natural bioavailability enhancer” means.

It is clinically proven to increase the speed of absortpion and the total absotption of any ingredient is supplements and of all the nutrients.



Bioperine is a plant extract derived from two types of pepper plants, namely, long pepper (Piper longum) and black pepper (Piper negrum). The natural chemical compound is a patented product made from the standardized piperine extract from the above mentioned pepper 

species. BioPerine® from Sabinsa (East Windsor, NJ) is a patented standardized extract from black pepper, containing not less than 95 percent piperine.

Pharmacological studies have shown that piperine reduces inflammation and pain, possesses anticonvulsant and antiulcer activity, protects the liver, has deleterious and antioxidant activity. Results from previous studies demonstrated that piperine showed anxiolytic and antidepressant like activity. Piperine also inhibited monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity, and increased the levels of noradrenaline and serotonin in some regions of the mouse brain.

All of these characteristics make it perfect for the dieting male or female, but more importantly, it is a clinically proven bio availability enhancer for nutrients. It shows increased blood supply to the GI tract, increased emulsifying content of the gut and increased active nutrient transport.

According to the Merck Manuals, bioavailability is the extent and rate within which an active drug enters systemic circulation after passing through the first-pass metabolism sites, namely, the intestinal wall and liver. Bioperine has been shown to boost the bioavailability of nutrients, namely beta-carotene, vitamin B, B6, vitamin C, selenium, and co-enzyme Q10, and other ingredients found in various supplements — including male enhancement supplements.

According to research conducted by the manufacturer, bioperine substantially increases the absorption of selenium (30%), beta carotene (60%), vitamin B6 (140-250%) as well as coenzyme Q10. So if your fat burner does not contain bioperine, it should as its clinically been found to enhance the active transport of nutrients and based on a study, it enhances the effect of caffeine.

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HMB is proven to reduce significantly the damage of your muscle tissue that training causes.

When compared to leucine, HMB appears to be significantly more potent on a gram per gram basis at attenuating the rate of muscle protein breakdown but is less effective than leucine at inducing muscle protein synthesis. Due to this, HMB is marketed as an anti-catabolic agent (purposed to reduce the rate of muscle breakdown) rather than an anabolic agent (purposed to increase muscle mass).

HMB (short for β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate) is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine that, along with KIC (α keto-isocaproate) and isovaleryl-CoA, mediate the effects of leucine. Approximately 5% of dietary leucine is oxidized into HMB, and HMB appears to be the main metabolite of leucine that more effectively prevents the breakdown of muscle protein.

Human trials don’t normally tend to be structured to properly assess the effects of HMB, as most of the studies are a standard diet paired with an exercise regimen investigating the role of HMB in promoting muscle protein synthesis (of which it is similar to leucine in the sense that there are positive results, but quite unreliably so); the limited evidence that assesses HMB during periods of muscle loss are either underpowered or not in athletes.

HMB, currently, appears to be a pretty interesting supplement for the purpose of reducing muscle wasting during periods where muscle atrophy is accelerated (cachexia, AIDS, bedrest) and should theoretically work in athletes on a calorie restricted diet but is not fully established for this role yet (which is a notable issue, since Glutamine has a large dichotomy between clinical and healthy populations).

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L-ornithine is crucial for removal of bodily wastes while it helps boost your energy level and provide your body with many other significant benefits.

It helps your body produce huge amounts of energy during training while it delays the time you feel tired (exhaustion time)

The Urea Cycle – Energy production and dispose of ammonia 

When your cells break down nitrogen-containing compounds such as proteins, they produce ammonia as a byproduct.

This can be toxic if not removed.

In the urea cycle, liver cells convert ammonia into urea, a waste product eliminated by your kidneys — ornithine is central to this process and gives the cycle its alternate name, the ornithine cycle. When a problem develops and ornithine can’t participate effectively in the urea cycle, potentially serious conditions can result, including one called ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.

Allowing ammonia to accumulate in the blood, and this can cause lack of energy, seizures or other symptoms.

Anti-Fatigue Benefits – Save your muscle tissue

Your kidneys convert ornithine into arginine, another amino acid that benefits your body in several ways.

Arginine is a precursor for a compound called nitric oxide, which helps dilate your blood vessels when you require extra blood to your tissues.

Arginine also helps your muscle cells produce creatine, a compound they need to contract.

Research suggests that consuming extra ornithine can help promote physical strength and endurance.

For example, a study published in the November 2008 issue of “Nutrition Research” found that healthy subjects who took extra ornithine experienced less exercise-induced fatigue than a placebo group.

The authors concluded that ornithine promotes more efficient energy usage by cells, and they recommend it as an nutritional supplement to prevent fatigue.

Other Effects

Supplementing with ornithine helps you:

  • enhance wound healing
  • Produce more collagen, ( important in forming new connective tissue).
  • Reduce anxiety-like behavior 
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Helps your body produce more testosterone. This helps you keep training harder and longer

Studies have shown that males at the age of 27 and above benefit from as much as 118% increase in LH levels when using DAA and an average of around 48% increase in natural testosterone. DAA achieves this by stimulating the production of signal molecules which in turn enhance the activity in your testes as well as your pituitary gland. There you then have the simple explanation as to how DAA is so effective in causing a natural elevation in your testosterone levels. However, are you aware of all of the benefits of sky high natural testosterone levels or not? Well here are the main benefits anyway, in case you didn’t already know.

First of all testosterone directly effects your protein synthesis levels therefore it is key as an athlete to ensure your natural testosterone levels are high. This way you can be sure that your ability to repair damaged muscle fibres as well as add lean muscle mass to your frame is optimized because your body is able assimilate a higher percentage of your dietary proteins. Furthermore, healthy testosterone levels support fat loss because your body is able to assimilate fat more effectively as an energy source. Finally, high natural testosterone levels are very important for any serious male athlete because testosterone allows for higher levels of strength and energy, meaning that you can add more muscle as well as burn more body fat. Essentially testosterone is an absolutely critical hormone for any male athlete therefore it is in your best interests to utilize quality natural supplements such as DAA to ensure you’re in the best possible shape.

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Sodium Phosphate improves exercise performance

Sodium phosphate loading, has been shown to influence the maximal and run performance in seven male competitive runners. Phosphate loading also significantly increased maximal oxygen uptake (6–12%), which was also noted in another study conducted on 10 well-trained distance runners.

Studies are also reporting improved endurance performance in competitive cyclists.

  • Sodium bicarbonate has the chemical formula NaHCO3. It’s a mildly alkaline salt made up of sodium and bicarbonate ions.
  • Sodium bicarbonate clears acid out of muscle cells, helping restore an optimal pH. This may decrease fatigue and increase performance.
  • Sodium bicarbonate may help improve performance in the later stages of high-intensity exercise.
  • Sodium bicarbonate likely improves the body’s ability to perform during interval training, which may benefit performance in many sports.
  • Sodium bicarbonate may improve muscle coordination and increase strength. It could also increase the number of heavy-weight repetitions you can do at the gym

To understand how sodium bicarbonate works, it is helpful to first understand the concept of pH.

How pH Affects Exercise Performance

In chemistry, pH is a scale used to grade how acidic or alkaline (basic) a solution is.

A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral. Anything lower than 7.0 is acidic and anything above that is alkaline.

As humans, our pH is naturally close to neutral. It normally stays around 7.4 in blood and 7.0 in muscle cells.

You function best when your acid-alkaline balance remains close to this target, which is why your body has various ways to maintain these levels.

However, certain diseases or external factors can disrupt this balance. One of these factors is high-intensity exercise, also known as anaerobic exercise.

During anaerobic exercise, your body’s demand for oxygen exceeds the available supply. As a result, your muscles cannot rely on oxygen to produce energy.

Instead, they must switch to a different pathway — the anaerobic pathway.

Creating energy through the anaerobic pathway produces lactic acid. Too much lactic acid decreases your muscle cells’ pH below the optimal 7.0.

This disrupted balance limits energy production and may also reduce your muscles’ ability to contract. Both of these effects ultimately lead to fatigue, which reduces exercise performance.

How Sodium Bicarbonate Helps Maintain pH

Sodium bicarbonate has an alkaline pH of 8.4 and can therefore raise your blood pH slightly.

Higher blood pH allows acid to move from muscle cells into the bloodstream, returning their pH to 7.0. This enables the muscles to continue contracting and producing energy.

Scientists believe this is the primary way that sodium bicarbonate can help you exercise harder, faster or for longer.

Sodium bicarbonate is especially helpful for high-intensity exercise that lasts between 1 and 7 minutes and involves large muscle groups.

Additionally, most improvements seem to take place near the end of a workout. For example, a recent study observed a 1.5-second performance improvement in the last 1,000 meters of a 2,000-meter (1.24-mile) rowing event.

The results are similar for cycling, sprinting, swimming and team sports.

However, the benefits can vary from person to person. They may also depend on the type of activity, gender, personal tolerance and training level.

Interval training is when a person alternates between intense and less-intense exercise during a single session.

Some examples of this type of training include forms of running, cycling, rowing, swimming, Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit.

Studies that looked at this type of exercise found that sodium bicarbonate helped prevent decreases in performance.

This generally led to overall improvements of 1.7–8%.

Interval training is very common in many sports, and studies find that sodium bicarbonate intake can benefit judo, swimming, boxing and tennis.

Finally, the ability of sodium bicarbonate to help you push through the final stages of your workout may also improve your workout results.

For example, participants who took sodium bicarbonate during an 8-week interval-training program had cycled for 133% longer by the end of the study period.

Sodium bicarbonate may also help increase strength.

In one study, experienced weightlifters who took sodium bicarbonate 60 minutes before a workout were able to do 6 more squats in their first of three sets.

This suggests that sodium bicarbonate can enhance performance, especially at the beginning of a session.

In addition, sodium bicarbonate may also benefit muscle coordination.

For example, one study found that it helped maintain tennis players’ swing accuracy. Another study found similar benefits for boxers’ punch accuracy.

These outcomes suggest that sodium bicarbonate could have effects on the brain.

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Each serving (4x 4,6g scoops) provides:

Anti-catabolic & Recovery Mix:

Ajipure™ BCAA’S 6:1:1, HMB Free Acid

Ergogenic Salts Mix:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Phosphate Tribasic

Electrolytes & Minerals Mix:

Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Citrate

Performance & Endurance Enhancing Mix:

Inositol, Ornithine AKG, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin B6

Glucose Support Mix:

Fructose, Dextrose

Bioavailability Enhancing Thermonutrient:

Bioperine® (Piper Nigrum Patended Extract | Standardised to min. 95%)





Product information: 400g | 100 x 4g scoops | sweet peach flavour

Suggested Use:

Serving: 1 scoop (4g) mixed in 80ml of water

Use: Consume 3 scoops (12g/240ml) 20-30 minutes before training and 2 scoops (8g/160ml) during training.

For optimum anti-catabolic & recovery results, combine with intrAmino x12  and Anti-Catabolic Activator

Ingredients: Ajipure™ BCAA’s (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate free acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Phosphate Tribasic, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Citrate, Inositol, Ornithine alphaketoglutarate, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin B6, Fructose, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Bioperine®. Flavouring: Peach flavour powder, sweeteners (sucralose)


Note: Supplements with high concentration in active ingredients and no preservatives, may turn from powder form to solid form. This is a natural effect of ingredients which are extra sensitive in humidity. Try to consume the product 20-30 days after opening. Keep in a dry and cool place always with the lid well closed. Do not use wet hands or tools to take the scoop from inside the tube.

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