Refund and Returns Policy


All orders are shipped by our EU based warehouses, 1-2 working days after the customer places the order.

We use UPS courier.

UPS needs 2-5 working days to deliver the products into EU countries for orders under 2kg (weight and volume weight) and 5-8 working days for orders over 2kg (weight and volume weight)

UPS needs 10-20 working days to deliver the products to countries outside EU.

The delivery times may change due to bad weather conditions, national, religious or Bank Holiday and many other factors which UPS and us cannot control.


Return Policy.

If you have received your order and you want to return it, contact us so we provide you the address of the warehouse which is closer to your location.

If you want to return one or more of the products from the order you have received, we accept them only if they are not opened or damaged.

We accept the products back only if you use a fast (maximum 10 working days) shipping method.

We will not accept any product or order back with a slower shipping method.

The shipping cost is paid by the customer.


Refund and shipping insurance

The customer is responsible for the order as the order travels from our warehouse to the customer’s address.

For orders shipped to EU countries, we always insure the parcel.

If the parcel is lost* we will resend the order as soon as we can.

*if the address or any information provided by the customer is wrong, we cannot consider the parcel as lost. Be sure you provide a name and a surname that matches your ID, be sure you provide us the doorbell name and surname, be sure that all the information (address, name, house number, phone number etc) are correct and not misspelled.

For orders shipped to countries outside EU we can insure the parcel after the customer asks us to and also after the customer pay for the shipping insurance cost.

In any case we cannot accept a parcel as lost if it is stopped at the customs (airport etc).

For damaged products, the customer has to provide evidence of damaged products maximum 1 hour after the delivery of the parcel.

We will need photos of the outside of the box and also by the damaged products so we are able to refund you.

UPS cannot accept evidence of damaged box or products much longer than 1 hour after the delivery of the box.

If our team makes a mistake (wrong products in the box, wrong written information etc) we will refund you in 2-3 working days.

If UPS will not find you at the shipping address location, you will be notified with a note.

In this case, your parcel Will remain at the local UPS office so you visit and collect it.

If you avoid collecting the parcel it will return back to our warehouse.

In this case, the refund amount will not include the whole shipping cost we paid, the whole returning cost we paid and also the insurance fees.


  • Products’ cost 150€
  • Shipping cost 29€*
  • Insurance fees 8€
  • Total 187€ paid by the customer.

The customer pays 29€ for shipping but we pay a minimum 40€ for a 2kg parcel and up to 170€ for parcels 8-10kg

Here is an example of how much the refund amount will be if the order returns to us by customer’s mistake:

  • The real shipping cost (ex. 40€)
  • The returning cost (ex. 65€)
  • Insurance fees (8€)
  • Total 113€
  • 187€ – 113€ = 74€

For any extra information and help, please contact us orders@s-c-nutrition.com

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