Long Energy Caffeine – The 4-Hour Caffeine


Prolonged energy boost with microencapsulated liposomal caffeine

  • Patented technology
  • Sustained release up to 4 hours!
  • The real endurance caffeine
  • Vegan/Vegeterian with Vcaps®

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A sustained release caffeine that give you the benefits of caffeine for up to 4 hours!!!

Just the caffeine you need for your long endurance training & races.


SCN’s Long Energy Caffeine with NEWCAFF™ microcapsules, is a specialized product designed for endurance athletes.

Consuming caffeine in traditional forms, (coffee, anhydrous caffeine), leads to rapid absorption, making its stimulating effect rapid and transitory.

Microencapsulated caffeine however, overcomes these defects.

With NEWCAFF™ microcapsules liposomal caffeine, the effects of caffeine are perceived up to 4 hours.

Prolonged energy boost with microencapsulated caffeine

NEWCAFF™ microcapsules is a one-of-a-kind caffeine delivery system which has been designed to provide a sustained energy release, ideal for long high-intensity exercise.

The product contains 60 caps of 150mg of NewCaff™ patented caffeine.

Each capsule provides:

112,5mg of caffeine (from 150mg of NewCaff™-75)

Other ingredients: Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

Vcaps® suitable for Vegans/Vegeterians

Suggested use:

Consume 1-2 caps with 250ml of water in the morning or 30 minutes before your physical activity.

You can use Long Energy Caffeine also to cope with the activities of difficult daily living (hard working, studying, mental focus)


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