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Faster ATP & Energy Production in Cells

Improves Performance and Endurance

Maximizes the Peak Power Output & VO2 Max

Improves Incremental Exercise Training

Activates Glucose & FFA metabolic Rate

Supports Lung & Respiratory System Functions


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Just think of these 2 powerful supplements combined together… Well, we did!

56 extra effective ingredients all in one supplement waiting for you to forget about any other performance and endurance enhancing sports nutrition product you ever tried.

R&D’d for demanding high level and pro athletes. Try it…and you will thank us later.!

Two of our most effective products are combined together to give you the ultimate Endurance In High Intensity product.

Krebs Cycle Activator 40 + Cre11 Active33 will amaze you even from the first time you will try it!

56 synergistic action ingredients will give you the ability to train in high intensity for a very long time.

Krebs Cycle, is a series of chemical reactions used by all aerobic organisms to release stored energy through the oxidation of acetyl-CoA derived from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into carbon dioxide and chemical energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

With more simple words, is how your cell produces energy!

Strength and Conditioning Nutrition UK, created the ultimate product that will make your cells produce and produce…and produce energy for hours.

Krebs Cycle Activator 40 is the improved formula of a product that all endurance athletes loved the last 2 years, Krebs Pro Active 26.

We have added 14 extra ingredients which will make you forget the previous version even from the first day!

We now use Ubiquinol, a huge dosage of 450mg per serving, instead of simple CO-Q10. Ubiquinol is absorbed better by the cell membranes and it is much stronger and much more effective than simple CO-Q10.

We use high dosages of all our ingredients, and not traces, so our supplements are very effective.

Krebs Cycle Activator 40, like our other specialized products, includes over 90% active ingredients (94%), so you do not have to pay for carbs, flavoring or cheap ingredients.

We use the highest available herbs extracts, the best quality ingredients all bought from certified suppliers here in UK.

So, choosing an SCN product, you pay for science, research, effectiveness, best quality and you do not pay money for sugar, dextrose, maltodextrin and traces of active ingredients like most brands offer you when they sell “endurance” products.


CRE11™ Active33 11 Creatine Complex  (Ethly-Ester Hydrochloride, Alpha KetoGlutarate, Gluconate, Hydrochloride, Magnesium Chelated, Tri-Malate, Tri-Orotate, Tri-Citrate, Pyruvate, Nitrate, Tri-Phosphate).

A unique formulation of creatines that will start working immediately after you consume them.

33 active ingredients of the best quality and bioavailability, work synergistically and make this ultra high concentrated formula insanely powerful.

Creatine & ATP:

Creatine is an ergogenic (energy creation) substance. After it enters the body, it binds with phosphate molecules and it becomes PhosphoCreatine (PCr).

PCr, gives a phosphorous molecule to ADP so it becomes ATP again fast.

So, when you train and your ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) loses this very important Phosphorous molecule and becomes ADP (adenosine di-phosphate), Phosphocreatine make it ATP again, so you are able to train in high intensity faster than you could without using creatine.


Is creatine safe and legal?

Yes, creatine is 100% safe and legal.

micro dosing creatine, like the ones we use in Cre11 Active33, are creatines that work “big” in small dosages.

So, you use a small amount of creatine and you have all the benefits of a high amount creatine consumption.

It is not a steroid, it is also found in natural foods (Beef = 4.5g of creatine per kg, Pork = 4g of creatine per kg, Fish (some species) = 4-10g of creatine per kg).


Creatine and weight gain

Many endurance athletes avoid taking creatine because of the water retention and the body weight increase.

This effect is a result only of Monohydrate Creatine, a type of creatine that CRE11 Active33 does not include.

We do not use Monohydrate creatine, so Cre11 Active33 gives you all the benefits of creatine but never make you feel tight of increase your body weight.


11 creatines and 22 synergistic ingredients

Our formula also includes 22 ingredients that make the 11 types of creatine work even better.

Synergistic means “to work together” and working together always give bigger results.

We use an active form of pure ATP, Phosphorous, Ingredients to enhance the creatine bioavailability, Pyruvate and other Krebs Cycle ingredients.

Net weight: 210g  |  Supply: 20 Training days

Suggested use: 

Add 3 x 3,5g scoops to 200ml of water ans shake well.

Start consuming 30 minutes before training until the start of the training


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